A Look at Wan Doy Pairs Poker

There are exciting, new versions of games being introduced all the time. Various gaming conventions present innovative types of gambling to casino executives and staff so they can bring different games to their casino. If the game becomes popular, they add more tables. Given the almost limitless storage space found in online casinos, they have much more flexibility of introducing different types of games to their consumers.

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Introducing Wan Doy Pairs Poker

One of these new games introduced by WagerWorks is Wan Doy Pairs Poker. This variant of the common poker game is played with a seven card poker hand. Another difference is the hand rankings are completely unlike the usual due to the seven card hand. Also, both ante and bonus bets are mandatory.

How to Play

First, the player inputs the ante and bonus bets singapore football betting into the pot. The player also has the option of playing a jackpot bet. The dealer distributes a seven-card hand which is automatically organized and the hand ranking is displayed on the screen. The player can either call or fold their current hand. If the player folds they lose the ante and bonus bets but the jackpot bet remains.

If they call, a call wager is placed into the betting http://www.mmc33.net/sg/en-us/product/sports pool and the player’s hand is compared to the dealers. The payout is awarded compared to the payout table for that particular casino. The jackpot bet is also compared to the payout table. The highest possible hand ranking in the game is four of a kind and three of a kind.

Similar to Seven Card Stud

While this game is innovative with the various types of betting, it shares many similarities with popular poker variant, Seven Card Stud. The hand rankings, and the playing what you are dealt mentality matches with Seven Card Stud.

This game may not be different enough for Seven Card Stud or Seven Card Draw players to be attracted to the competition. While the betting structure is different, it may not be as popular as more unique game releases. However, for those that do not play seven card poker, this may be a good chance to improve your poker skills while learning an exciting, new game.

Since WagerWorks is a major gaming software developer, they may be able to promote this game enough to make it mainstream in several of their casinos. The game has unique aspects to it and is exciting enough to attract new players to the world of seven card poker.

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